Saturday, 18 March 2017

How I spent my 15hours and I make it happened

I had good and quality nap today for my next 15hours. Talking as a normal human, yup its very helpful especially I'm a morning person. Plus, the research also has shown, having nap during a day can help body and brain more fresh for the next hours. 


Even though I've been to KLiA2 so many times, I'm always don't remember and still need google maps in my hands. LOL. There's so many cars heading to the airport tonight, I guess most traveler traveling during weekend to save Annual Leave (AL). Estimated to reached at the destination in 10min, I got text beep from my mobile. 

"Am here"

Short and Meaningful. Enough to make me scream. 
Yes, I scream(....not Ice Cream)

 "OMG! He's already arrived!"

I feel want to dancing at that time. Perhaps this is the text that I dreamt for when I'm back in KL from Mauritius. :P  I'd felt a lil upset because I was thinking my timing was perfect. I'm the one who supposed to wait at the arrival hall. LOL. Guilty enough. Panic cum excited, apology text has been sent out with notify that I'll arrived in 10min. 

I'm not expert in KLiA2 when he said he's nearby with CELCOM shop. My brain not well function fast at that time because of panic cum excited, I couldnt find the directory. 

I take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath. Hey, telco shop normally locate at the arrival hall, or around the corner. And he did also mention other nearby landmark. Just like play amazing race without map in KLiA2, I finally saw what I'm looking for. 

I quickly ran. Fast. 

I felt sorry to my heartbeat. I don't understand why the beat too fast when my steps more closer. Maybe because I smile coincidentally? A big smile. LOLOL... As I late and I didn't bring any cardboard written "Welcome Abdel Krim to Kuala Lumpur", my brain immediately gives Plan B. I've told ya, this happen because Power of Nap that I had today.  Ahmazinggggggg ;P

I closed his eyes from his back. 
Yup. I did that. 
Erny Marliza did that.


This is our second met after my traveling in Mauritius. Abdel had backpacking trip through Southeast Asean and now completed. Dream come through start with Phuket (Thailand), Siam Reap (Cambodia), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) and last stop, Kuala Lumpur. No.. No.. No.. it wasnt me but its him. LOL ;P It was good to met up ,seeing and talking to each other again. 

Maya Bay, Phuket Thailand (picture credit to Abdel)

Perfect time for us to catch a dinner, I bring Abdel to Putrajaya to taste a Malaysian food. I've google there's one best cafe serve Malaysian food with a good location, Umai Cafe. TBH, I never been and eat here at night. The environment was cosy and relax, we choosing to sit at the outside.

Outdoor dining , view from our table

 I'm not sure what to order when look at the menu, but I know Abdel loves satay very much. 15pcs chicken satay, 1 set pancake and 1 set "cucur udang". Its plenty for table for two.

Malaysian Food - Chicken Satay & Malaysian Pancake

Satay Time!

 When the weather are too envy with us because of raining, we quickly change our seat to indoor. Lucky one of this family accept us! Terima kasih sebab bagi kami tumpang meja makan :') We had a good dinner tonight,perfect as Iplan. I understand how Abdel looks at the variety of food and the style. 

The pancake eat with gravy? 
A spicy chili? 
With a sugar?

And I said " Yes, we do eat like that way for the pancake. No maple syrup"

Even we shared table with other people, we still enjoy our dinner and had our chit chatting like no ones around. We laugh, we shared the story and even the photo. Its melting when I'm looking at Abdel's photo of the sunset in Cambodia. Gosh, its my favourite moment. 


Confirmed by Abdel he appreciate his 15hours in Malaysia, I cancelled the hotel reservation that I made for him. Did you know that if you're American Express card holder, you're eligible to get a premier lounge? The lounge is good where it can offers for food, rest and also for taking shower. I just know that this services. LOL. As the hotel that I'm choosing is "Free Cancellation", I managed to get my refund :) 

Sightseeing Time!

Its a Saturday night and its a school holiday. The raining has stopped, we went out and walk around nearby the area. Oh the area name called Monumen Alaf. It was colourful  night  with a lighting a the street.Perfect to take a photo with a low light mode. This was my first time using my new Nikon AW130 camera after I sent to the centre for the warranty service. The camera was broken and cant open when I was in Bali trip because its leakage because of the water beach. 

We're so lucky to catch the firework at that night. I'm not sure if there have a special event on that week. 

Red Firework! - by Nikon AW130

Yellow Red Fireworks - by iPhone 7

We walk through to capture a photo Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin or mostly known as "Masjid Besi" 

Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin 

Colourful of Lighting Car

Colours of Selfie ;P

Happening Night!

Next is the famous bridge not only for tourist but also local to capturing the photo, Seri Wawasan Bridge. The bridge was so really nice at night because the colour is changing. From that bridge, we managed to see both side of Putrajaya. 

Wefie Bridge

In the middle of Seri Wawasan Bridge

Perfect View and Lighting

Same View but different person... LOL who's tourist now? :P

I wanted to bring Abdel there, but sadly the road is closed down. *Sighed* Maybe its pretty late? Not sure why because the big roundabout is a symbol of Putrajaya. The famous building of government sector and also the mosque. Well, its okay perhaps I can bring him again, who know? ;)

Not wasting the time, we heading to the city centre as Abdel wish to take a photo for the whole city of Kuala Lumpur. Along the journey, I show the view of night in MEX highway, through Cyberjaya. The road we're taken have road block tonight and the police ask us to stop the car. Since we didint do any fault , I feel nothing to worried. 
The police ask IC from us. As Malaysian, I'm giving my IC. And ohhhh.. talking about IC, its consider a jargon word for Abdel side. Its not "I seeeee.... " hehehehe. Since he's not Malaysian, he need to show his Mauritian passport. 

We caught in heavy raining when we almost at the hill. Super heavy, but slowly its stop. The place its quite famous for scenary of Kuala Lumpur. Located in Ampang, people called this "Bukit Ampang"or "Mini Genting"

View from Mini Genting

Next we heading to the city centre, Petronas Twin Towers. The lights already off when we arrived. Maybe they wanted to save the power energy. Here a some shot that I managed to captured. 

Petronas Twin Towers

Shoot from another angle KLCC
Nearby tourist attraction in this Golden Triangle is Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang. We went there, there's so many pub and bar. This is my first time been here even I'm local. Hehehehe... As the time shows 0245am , so many shops closed down. The area supposed happening with variety of seafood and local food, this is according with my friend told me. TBH, when I walked down to this area, I felt a bit uneasy. In sum, this is not my place. 

Done in Bukit Bintang area, we went to Dataran Merdeka aka National Square. Well ,its weekend and this area famous with youngsters hang around watching illegal racing. Yup! We been there that night (opsss.. shall be read as morning I guess :P) We walk around at the square, taking a nice photo infront of Building Sultan Abdul Samad until end of the road, I LOVE KL. 

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

The Flag
The clock shown 0340am

The Fountain

Textile Museum

I Love KL

Just like a Cinderella, we need to rush back to the KLiA2  as international flight need to be at least 3hours at the airport. So its a time to say good bye to the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. I'm not using MEX highway when heading back to the KLiA2. Still have a time, I'm managed to show around the other places in Kuala Lumpur inside from the car such as Train Station, National Mosque and etc. 

Just nice we reached at the airport around 0540am, and Abdel can have time to chill and relax at Premium Lounge before depart. We still walk and no rush ( well, I'm just like my daddy... calmm.. relaxxx.. well managed.. hukhukhuk) So.. the airport is the place where people can connecting in reality after fantasy (I mean .. Internet)


I didn't notice that 15hours has come to the end. Why time tick tocking so fast? Whyy?? ;( Can I freeze the time and travel the time againn? Its pretty hard to say a good bye but that we need to do at this moment. Our second met up went well at my place this time around. 

Good bye for now . Why both my cheeks suddenly became wet??

P/S : Jumpa lagi macam yang kita janji ;)


  1. Hi dear , I saw your comment asking about weather in korea sebab you nak pergi Next week right ?

    Dear , sebenarnya nadia dah lama balik Malaysia dah . Hihi ... tapi bila nadia tgk weather temp around 13 - 16 celcius tak sejuk sgt mcm chill je tapiiiiii if hujan akan sejuk sgt. Serious .

    Bestnya g Korea next week . Rindu Korea

  2. Hi Nadia, :)

    Sorry I didn't notice your reply, appreciate and you reply to me here. ;)

    I just comeback . Yes , you're right. The weather just chill and not too cold at all but when the windy comes, boleh mengigil sampai ketulang. Hahaha.. I'm lucky when I was there the weather sunny all day and no raining at all.

    I started missed South Korea now, just like you . My first birthday trip went well even I went alone there alone :)


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