Saturday, 12 November 2016

Move On

I just home this week, back from my Mauritius trip. Yes, Mauritius. Solo. The island which is really far and located at South Africa. The island which is famous for white people from Europe for private vacation. To be honest, I'd never dream in my life about this island. Never. Ever. It just happened, like blinking the eyes in a second. And suddenly, hey, I'm  in Mauritius!

The beaches was very beautiful, perfect for honeymoon. White sands, the colours of the sea and the sound of brezzy waves. I just cant forget every single morning woke up with beautiful and calm scenery. Sleeps with lullaby by the sound of waves. The heat of the sun makes me cant wait to start new day every day.

I'd feel so small and touch when people surrounds in Ile Maurice treats me nicely. Well mannered to be precise. The streets food was really comforts and makes me happy. Even I've taste most expensive ice cream when I'm back in Malaysia, my brain gives a signal that the Ile Maurice ice cream is the best. I just cant forget that.

I do whatever I want when I was at the island. Water sports, hiking, road trip, snorkeling, watching a group of dolphins, sun bathing, having lunch with French family, watching a perfect sunset everyday, playtime with African animals, met strangers and now become a good friend, stayed at local Mauritian home, eating rice, learning to speaks French, and more!!

The most memorable that I cant forget is Abdel Krim and Mauritius. I had great me-time with him during my stay. He likes to talk and share his experience for traveling. Both opened my eyes that life is so wonderful and beautiful. Mauritius really heal my deep broken soul. Why I didn't go to Mauritius 3 years ago instead of London?

I'm back on my own track now, Merci Ile Maurice :)

Ile Aux Cerfs - Paradise Island

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