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Playtime in Mauritius

I've no idea why I booked my flight to Mauritius. Hey , its Mauritius ok! Not Maldives! Sometimes people tend to get confuse between these two countries. Mauritius ni kat mana sebenarnya eh? 

To Be Honest, I just booked two months back, Aug 2016 and fly on Oct 2016. At that time, Air Asia just announced their new route and I'm lucky enough that I get best deal from the promotion.

Never crossed in my mind or my wishlist this gonna be my trip for this year. Maybe because Dalai Lama  once has quoted "Once in a year, go someplace you've never been before". So I just booked without think too much. LOL 

Done completed my flight booking, I realized that I'll be going there alone. 

Alone. Mauritius. Alone. 

Quickly , I opened the Google Maps. South Africa? 

"OMG! Jauh gila."

Lepas tu tengok balik choosen date. 

"OMG. Lama gila! What shall I do traveling alone in Mauritius?" 


"OMG. What have I done?? I want to scream!"


"Should I cancelled this trip? Dah la pergi sorang, perempuan pulak tu. Tak bahaya ke?"

"Kalau bagitau Mama dengan Daddy ni, diaorang kasi lepas ke pergi seorang?" 

"The trip will be in two month, eh sempat ke nak kumpul duit ni?" 

"Eh kenapa tak banyak information dari blogger kat internet ni? Limitednya! T_T
Yang ada pun info blogger dari Europe dan bukan dari Asean."  


Lama lama nervous tu jadi kurang sebab stress dengan kerja. Macam mana nak nervous, kalau setiap hari balik lambat, sampai rumah terus tidur sebab penat. Bila masa nak ada feel nervous? LOL

Sampai satu tahap terlupa yang akan ada trip ke Mauritius tak lama lagi. 
Too much stress from work , I think I made a right decision on this. 

Just go. 
**Just go doesn't mean I go without doing any self preparation**

I'm lucky enough when I told to my parents and permission granted. Unbelievable. Seriously no idea how can my parents simply allows for this trip. As a solo female traveler, my parents allowed but with conditions - Take care, don't broke their trust and stayed connected

Since I'm registered and verified member of Couchsurfing , I'll take some time for looking host in Mauritius. None of them responded until I've got first beep from one of this member, Abdel Krim :) Happy me! Officially , I've real sources of information direct from  Mauritius. Yay! 

I also put on my effort went to the Matta Fair event on September month. A few of booth offer package for only few days. And its really expensive and mostly for honeymoon. This is not what I'm looking for. Double stress. As the time I've very limited, I need to gathered all relevant information quickly. 

Working too hard until I didnt notice my trip just around the corner. 3 days before the trip, I haven't changed my money, I havent packed my luggage, I havent check in my flight, I haven't checked necessary thing for trip and etc. In sum, I haven't prepared yet for this trip. LOL. Gamble gila Erny Marliza ni!!

Its was so drama a day before I flew to Mauritius, I got fever. Demam weh, doctor siap bagi Medical Certificate (MC) suruh rehat! My bag still not complete for packing as I'm struggle to pack for only hand carry. I was thinking to cancel this trip. Almost. Sikit pun tak rasa excited sebab dah sakit.

On the day flew to Mauritius, I'm still sick. As a last minute packing, I'm not sure where I have put my meds. Main sumbat entah mana mana. As my flight at 1030am and expected will be jammed, I need to be there at least 0830am. Daddy just like my superhero as he made it on time :') I love you Daddy!. Nervous okay kalau terlepas flight. Phew~

Everything ran smoothly and went well . Credit to Air Asia officer as he did gave me the paracetamol because he realize  of my condition.  Tak nak buat hal pengsan dalam flight :P

The Day - Oct 25th 2016
This is 3rd flight for AirAsiaX route flew to Mauritius from Kuala Lumpur. Safely arrived at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport at local time 1325pm. As I only bring USD100 in my hand cum with credit card, I decided my best bring my MYR to money changer at the airport. Iwas hoping and finger crossed that MYR will be accepted to be changed into USD or Euro at least. And guess what, I'm lucky enough as they accepted my MYR! Mauritian people only used one currency, Mauritian Rupee, MRU. Phew, Alhamdulilah ~ Otherwise, i will stuck and totally rely on my credit card for the whole trip. 

The rate for my XE on that day is 
MRU1,000 = MYR 117

Abdel fetch me at the airport. That's my first time I met Abdel after a month contacting via WhatsApp. Whenever I step my foot outside the airport, I still can't believe I already in Mauritius! Believe in your dreams said Abdel. 

It was a sunny day on that day. Shifted from winter to summer season makes me feel cold. Dingin sekali cuaca nya, similar like autumn season in Europe. My first stop sightseeing, Abdel was brings me to the famous crater in Mauritius, Trou Aux Cerfs. The place located up in the hill in Curepipe area. Lokasi ini kalau tengok dalam google image, dia adalah sesuatu kawah yg besar , kesan tinggalan gunung berapi yang tidak lagi aktif. Kawasan Trou Aux Cerfs terletak di pinggiran kawasan perumahan dan juga tempat rekreasi untuk beriadah. 

Trou Aux Cerfs 

Done for the first sightseeing, we heading to Bagatelle Mall for looking my simcard and late lunch. Bagatelle Mall is one of the top shopping attractions in Mauritius. The location is in Moka, near with the city centre, Port Louis. Click this link for more information. After read a few review the best telco in Mauritius between Orange and Emtel, I'm decided to choose Emtel as their offer and the network coverage was very good. 

Bagatelle Shopping Mall
I had late lunch which is my first meal in Mauritius is Dholl Puri and Gateau Pitment. The taste soo really good, mouth watering.. (nyumms maybe because I'm too hungry? lol) . The looks like similar capati and the gravy will put in the centre and rolled up. Its a bit spicy and yeas, I'd really do enjoy my very first meal in Mauritius. 

Dholl Puri in Mauritius

I did informed to my hotel for late check in, so around 1600pm  we are heading to the North for my stay. Yeas, I choose Auberge Miko located in  Grand Baie for this trip. The location offers with the nice beaches, sightseeing, easy access with transportation, facilities and etc. Pretty easy for me as a single traveler, all I need in one package :)

Auberge Miko was not too pricey for stayed. They have good review from other guests and their concept is more on studio and apartment. Lena and Viviek , the owner of this guest house was really nice couple. I still remember where I'd feel so welcome when my first step in this guest house. Chily was too cute to handle :) Done for the registration and check in, Abdel ask Lena where is the best spot for my first ever sunset in the nearest beach.

Auberge Miko , Studio & Apartment - Room 11

My watched just show its around 1730pm, but the surroundings looks almost dusk. Lena advise us to go Peyrebere beach, the nearest and best spot for sunset. We had beach walk while waiting for the sunset, capturing photo and videos. 


My first sunset in Mauritius. The sunset was very nice in my eyes. 

Sunset in Peyrebere - taken by Nikon AW130

Before heading back to my guesthouse, we went to La Croisette shopping mall for the groceries. As I'm the type of person who can't tolerate skip the breakfast, I did my groceries shopping. Since in my room have mini kitchen, so there's no worries for me. 

I was invited by Abdel to have dinner with his family. The dinner was in the mall that I been earlier today. Yes, its in Savinia Bistrot in Bagatelle Mall. Since I'm alone , nothing to do, no rush and try to fight the jet lag , I didn't hesitate to accept the offer. Why not? I can expand my circle with Abdel family. 

Savinia Bistrot 

We arrived there around 2030pm. There's only Abdel siblings and theirs partner, table for six including us. Its looks like a siblings gathering where his eldest brother, Bazir from Mozambique was here for holidays. Savinnia was a French fine dining concept restaurant. The restaurant have a nice, relax ambiance and cosy. I'd really like it very much. Since I'm not into French language, Abdel's is my official translator. Hehehe.. Most Mauritian used French as their main language besides Creole and English. We had nice dinner and chit chatting about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Bazir and his spouse, Rukshana been to Kuala Lumpur 4 years back. Same goes to Madiana and her husband, Assad, they been to Kuala Lumpur during their honeymoon and now they expecting their first baby soon, January 2017 :) 

Dinner with Abdel Siblings

2nd Day - Oct 26th 2016
I still can't fight with my jet lag as my body clock still in Malaysia time. Mauritius timezone is 4hours behind Malaysia. I woke up at 0430am, which is in Malaysia is 0830am. I supposed in sleeping mode now because I'm in Mauritius lol. 

My first morning view in Grand Baie

My plan today is only sightseeing, I will cover nearby area with my current location, North region. My first stop, I went to Cap Malheureux or Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice. Since the weather was really nice, the view was really amazing. 

Cap Malheureux known as Red Roof Church

Nature Colours

I proceed to the next beach in North which is Pointe Aux Pitments Beach. This beach offers for water sports activity, Kite Surfing. Its so windy and good for this activity

Kite Surfing

Messy hair by Mauritius

Visited next stop for sightseeing, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (SSR) Botanical Garden. I did paid the entrance fee and the tour guide. Walking in a group so much fun as I met up people mostly from European country. Some are Italian's, German, France etc and me, from Malaysia. The tour guide very friendly and will explain to the group based on specific language. And there's only ME in the group understand English, the tour guide explained last for me. Still good, as he really care my presence in the tour. 

Walking in a Tour Group

Not my luck to see the Giant Waterlily.. Looks like baby waterlily :(


I had great time while in SSR Botanical Garden. Not wasting my time, I proceed to the next stop for sightseeing, went to the famous chocolate factory in Mauritius, Van Ann L'Artisan Chocolates. I did asked the conductor bus for my destination. Maybe my destination is not a favorite among tourist, the conductor gives weird face. As what as I can see here, Mauritian people very kind and helpful. I know its my second day, but hey its not a harm to buy the chocolate as souvenir. Plus its authentic from Ile Maurice. LOLOL 

Van Ann L'Artisan Chocolates

The chocolate factory :)

Before its getting late, I bring myself to Trou Aux Biches and Mont Choisy beaches. Getting here from chocolate factory was not too tricky. TBH, I don't know the bus number. I just asked either this bus will pass this area. Hehehehe. Oh ya, the bus ticket is very cheap its around MRU20 - MRU40, depends on your locations. I'm still blurred to handle in Mauritian currency, so i just paid whatever coin or money in my hand. 

Mauritius Coin

LOL, teruknya. Bayangkan kalau harga naik bas sekadar MYR4, lepastu pergi bayar pakai duit MYR50. Eh, ape benda lah kan? Confirmed conductor bas menyumpah. Hahaha.. perangai betul :P 

Arrived at Trou Aux Biches around 1600pm, i just walked along the beach. Trou Aux Biches was very happening among tourist. These area offers a lot of watersports activity , just name it and they have it :)

Hello Trou Aux Biches 

Blue Beach

Only in Trou Aux Biches

This is the real colour from Mauritius, taken by iPhone 7

As I heard Lena told to Abdel yesterday, Mont Choisy also have a perfect sunset view, I'm heading to that beach by foot on distance. evening walk. Small simple exercise during vacation. 

View in Trou Aux Biches, lets head to Mont Choisy

Lets enjoy sunset view in Mont Choisy

Panorama View from Mont Choisy
Overall, I managed to covered what I want in North just like in plan. As I'm alone and advised by Abdel, I'm safely arrived at my guest house before dark. Diffrenet with Malaysia, Mauritius start dusk around 1800pm. Safety first girl!

3rd Day - Oct 27th 2016
Woke up freshly as I can't wait to start my first beach activity at my favourite island, Ile Aux Cerfs - Paradise Island. This island located in East Mauritius region. This beautiful island really nice and amazing with the scenic and my wishlist is doing Stand Up Paddling - SUP. I'm eager to do this at this island. Keep dreaming day by day because this island is Paradise for Mauritius.

Before heading to the target beach, I managed to stop by at the hidden gem in Mauritius in Roches Noires. If you wished to have sightseeing here, highly advisable not going alone.

La Cave Madame Entrance

Dark Cave 

Way to the dark Cave

Stopped to the next beaches is, Belle Mare. This beach more relax and offers more on leisure. According to my friend, Dr Kevin this beach normally crowded for Mauritian people during weekend.

Belle Mare Beach 

Beautiful Belle Mare

Done for this sightseeing stop, I'm heading to the final beach!! Yay!!! Ile Aux Cerfs!

Hey, I'm on my way to the Ile Aux Cerfs - Paradise Island

Melt looking at these colours

Masala Restaurant

Sunny and Lovely

Ready to hit the beach

I'm in Paradise Island

Lets start the activity

In the middle to get body balance

Stand Up Paddling  (SUP) - Done! 

Dream come true, I did my Stand Up Paddling (SUP) for 2hours. I made it, enjoying the water sport with no worry of tanning. Think I had enough used sun block lotion for this activity as I did used SPF 110+ from Banana Boat.

Last called for boat is 1630pm. We heading to Shangri-La's Le Touessrok Resort and Spa  for coffee break. Evening in Shangri-La's was really relax, cosy and happening. It was a perfect evening in East where I had sip my cup of coffee, watching kids playtime, watching nice view of the Indian ocean and nice people.

Big thanks to my friend, Dr Kevin who brings me up to East, Ile Aux Cerfs. Worth for every penny for today's activity.

4th Day  - Oct 28th 2016

If yesterday I'm done with beach activity, I switched for inland activity for today. As I'll be going there by bus,it will takes some time to reach at the location. From Grand Baie, I took direct bus where the final destination will be in Port Louis city. If I missed the bus, I need to wait next bus for another 30minutes. Managed to catch the bus until the city, I need to catch another bus to the Casela. It took around an hour because this is not a direct bus. As I been told by the conductor bus and the local people, I need to wait another bus at Cascavelle Mall in order to catch the final destination, Casela. It only took 15minutes walk, but then I was thinking I need to save energy for playing in Casela later. Hihi.. So, waiting another bus and I had no rush was no harm for me. There's one incident where I missed my destination. This conductor even didn't told that I had reached my destination. Luckily, women who sat next to me, told that I missed my destination. And other local people in the bus complained that the conductor should be informed my destination. I felt like, "Woah, local people in Mauritius was very kind and nice towards me, touched!  :') " . So, end up like earlier I wanted to save the energy, I have to walk almost 15minutes to Casela. LOLOL.. Padan muka nak jimat tenaga sangat hahahaha! :P

Casela Nature Parks is a perfect place for you to see and known better for African animal. Big influence from Daddy who watched frequently Nat Geo channel in Astro maybe? Anyway, you're advisable to spent whole day as this park really big and offers plenty of activity. There was two targeted activity that I'd choose, Segway and watching real giant tortoise. Initially I was planned to have a walk with big cat, but then the slot was already full house. To make your trip more worthy, you need to booked your slot for the activity.

I really had great time in Casela, playing with African Animal. Even when I was in my own country, I'm visited zoo when I was a kid. And I'm bravely bring myself to Casela Nature Parks for the sake met the african animal. Casela closed their operations at 1700pm and I need to bring myself to met Abdel. Same goes to the public transportation, their last operation will be at 1900pm (if I'm not mistaken). Since Casela is in Flic En Flac and quite nearby with Abdel home, I planned took bus and arrived Quatre Bornes town, exchange bus and will be arrived at Curepipe town. It was last minute plan where Abdel wanted to fetch me at Quatre Bornes :)

 It was a peak hour and its Friday, similar in KL , so everyone rushing to go home early. Best thing when I picked public transportation for my logistic, I can see real Mauritius people in front of my eyes. Many of character, the lifestyle and more! Just love it the experience. The town was a bit busy, jammed all around the corner. Managed to arrived at Quatre Bornes bus station - Yayy, achievement unlock! :)

Oh ya, I got a chance to see gym in Mauritius before we head to Curepipe. Abdel running small business - Argan Cosmetique Ile Maurice and his customer need the item by cash on delivery (COD). Well, this is good as Argan Oil gives a lot benefit towards skin. Check this out on Facebook for more info Argan Cosmetique Ile Maurice. Do not hesitate to buy this product as the pure Argan Oil is direct from Morroco.

So, tonight I will be stayed at Abdel family's home in Curepipe. As I mention earlier when I was first day, Curepipe weather was really cold. I managed to see Abdel's sister shop, Madiana, Auto Audio. The shop was not too big, but the demand from customer was really high. Thats a good business, indeed. My bad as I didnt bring any sweater with me, felt cold...  Met his mother, Mdm. Rose was really nice and beautiful person. I did take off my shoes when entering home, but different culture from different perspective. According Abdel, all Mauritian people use their shoes in the home. This is really new with me, my first time ever experience wearing shoes in home. Woahhhh !

Abdel brings me out for dinner tonight. We went to the Thai restaurant, next to Madiana shop. Its Friday night and still early, so we decided to have light sightseeing and hunting an ice cream next to the town, Beau Rose Hill. Sambil sambil tu, tengok lampu neon dan persiapan perayaan Diwali. Along the way I saw a couple of houses shinning with the colourful lamps, thats really amazing. We stopped by at Quatre Bornes where there have a small event, I mean live radio event for Diwali celebration. A lot of crowd there watching live performance and Id really enjoy cultural show that night was performed by local people. We not spend too much time there, so our mission is hunting an ice cream.

So here we are, Rose Hill. There was an ice cream stall, and Abdel told me this ice cream Vona Corrona was very famous ice cream in Mauritius. Yes, Vona Corrona is a top 10 dessert must try when you are in Mauritius. I'm an ice cream lover and my personnel review, the taste was very authentic and own the identity. No wonders this dessert is a trademark for Mauritius. Please please please have a good hunt for this ice cream :) and you wont regret. Trust me!

5th Day - Oct 29th 2016

Woke up early as I cant wait to have watching dolphin activity. Yay, another beach day activity. I leave it all my Saturday and Sunday to Abdel. I had my kind breakfast with a cup of hot coffee and bread spread with nutella / peanut. Id enjoy my breakfast, as this is same what I myself had everyday in Malaysia. Heading to the Flic En Flac beach early in the morning , just to avoid missed the boat. It was a sunny day and the view at Flic En Flac was really amazing! The colours of the beach,  the sky and more! The boat depart around 0900am to the Black River for the Dolphin activity. I felt wanted to swim with the dolphin but then, I dont think i can catch and play with them. They swim so fast.

Well, I have seasick so Id prepared myself to ate the meds before hit the beach. But not every plans ran smoothly. Id still get the seasick after a couple of minutes swimming at Black RIver with Abdel for snorkeling. Maybe the dosage not enough? (Why too fragile Erny?) Id try so hard not to vomit otherwise Im gonna ruin whole day trip. Challenged accepted as I can controlled myself even though it takes time to put smile back, yeay!

All my boat trip member from Europa, French. Most of them do speaks French and I was the one and only who not speaks French. Lucky enough my official translator is next to me, Abdel ;) I felt so blessed. From this moment, I was thinking why not Id learn French ? My friend told me that language is beautiful especially French. TBH, these French people was really good and humble.

Done with these island trip around 1600pm, we extended our trip hunting some local food nearby the beach.Abdel introduced me this local food called Boulet. Its a yummy boulet but I didnt take any photo for this :(

Done with these, we going to the Light House in Albion which is famous for the sunset. The spot was very nice and romantic for watching the sunset. Watching sunset always be my all time favourite. Managed to captured timelapse using iphone7 instead of Nikon. A bit frustrated because I forgot how to used timelapsed for this camera. LOL. Both gadget in my hand is totally new, just bought a week and flew to Mauritius. Dont have time to play around LOLOL.

Back home in Curepipe as Abdel's mom have cooked special Mauritian meal. Its Beef Biryani and have a family gathering watching a football on that night. My first ever taste the Mauritian Biryani and its a special home cook. The taste full of herbs and Id really enjoy my dinner on that night. End my dinner with dessert called Flan. I was mistakenly thought it was a Bread Pudding.  Well, its actually a Flan , one of the must eat dessert when you are in Mauritius according to WikiTravel ;). Having a night with whole family Abdel in the house and watching a football match. Well spent night with great food, great

6th Day  - Oct 30th 2016

I woke up late today, my body clock slowly changed to Mauritius time.
So today is Sunday and I'm going to have hiking trip with Abdel at Le Morne Brabant. At first , both of us hesitate to choose either 7cascade waterfall or Le Morne. But then , we decided to have Le Morne instead as the view in Google was very awesome. Before we heading for the hiking activity, we have roadtrip around first to Alexandra Falls, Gorges, Chamarel ... the road trip was really awesome. I see through my eyes how lovely the view on that day. The track for hiking was not too tricky compared with Malaysia mountain.

Done with hiking, I had a chance to taste foodtruck nearby with Le Morne beach. Extended our roadtrip for hunting my favourite moment in Tamarin Bay. The view was really awesome as usual. As today is Diwali celebration, there's so many people spent their time near the beach.

Before Abdel sent me back to the hotel, I had a chance to see Diwali Festival in Triolet. Along of Triolet, I had chance to see all beautiful houses with colourful of light. Thats really lovely as I can see the fireworks and see all the people at the street. According to Abdel, people who celebrate this festival will bring some goodies and gave to their neighbours. I wish i can have their goodies hehehe.. And people who not celebrating Diwali can walk around and see the lights.. Today was really well spent  and had great time with Abdel. Enjoying the roadtrip to one and another place.

7th Day  - Oct 31st 2016

As my bodyclock now is 100% changed now, I woke up very late. No more jet lag :P
My plan today is for sightseeing and shopping in Mauritius heart, Port Louis. Being in town by bus, was really good and was not very tricky. Port Louis was very hot on that day. Verry verrryyy hot i SWEAR! As my first stop at Postal Museum, i been charged around MRU1500 for the entrance fee. It was good to add knowledge how the old communication happened during the old days since Mauritius is independent island. Extended my sightseeing journey to the Caudant Waterfront, I was so very excited. The decoration with lot of umbrella hanging along the mall, its very unique and colouful!
Trying to be another museum, Blue Penny i was looking back at my time.Oh no! Abdel's friends awaiting me!

Managed to met Abdel friend to shop the souveniers. Bilaal was very nice and kind person and he did gave me good prices. I bought couple of sourvenier to bring back Malaysia, and Bilaal give me a cute DODO as my gift (maybe i bought alot from his shop ;)) And also the best sourvenier that i brought back is the necklace. Lovely necklace with a Mauritius pendant map. Wow! Its kind of cute, rare! :)

I bought also the typical sourvenier, which is fridge magnet. There's a variety design and ironically, its quite cheap in the stall in front of Postal Museum compared with Caudan Market. The only thing that I cant find is, Mauritius Tea. The prices offered is unreasonable , MRU 1000 for 3pcs. Bluerghh.. tourist price always choking me.LOL

Oh ya, its a typical reminder whenever you are alone for travelling. Dont put all your money in a one place. Split it up , put at your "secret" place so that if something happened at least you had have money to survive.

Catch the bus to the Grand Baie before its getting dark. Its good to have day in town and back at hotel ,resting and enjoying night with reading the book at the balcony.
It was a perfect day for me ;)

8th Day  - 01st Nov 2016

Wake up late and still lazy on the bed. HAHAHAHA... ive told ya, my bodyclock is changed to the local time now. Yet, maybe in my head today is my last day at the hotel. To be exact, in Mauritius! Oh gosh... cant realised its my last day? :'( **cry in the heart** OK, OK i'd try my best to get my last day best, all out. So whats my plan? Well, according to my itinerary, the list is longer but then I summarize it in one. CHILLING AT THE BEACH. Which beach? Id still havent decide untill I'd remember on my first day that Abdel not complete write my name on the beach at Peyrebere. So, its Peyrebere! Hunting to that location was not complicated, just need to be aware with the dogs and  the rocks. Yeah, the rocks its kind of big and hey, remember that I girl power and loves playtime? LOL, just assume that's my playground.. :P

I was thinking to rent a bicycle but then, i said to myself, I wanted to chill at the beach , reading books, eating the local foods, sleeping and repeat. Then why i need a bicycle? LOL, plus Abdel will fetch me at 5pm and will be at Curepipe before flyback to KL. So no rush, I just chilling all the day.

Saying goodbye to Grand Baie really hard for me. 4days sleep in Auberge Miko , studio type with attached kitchen , toilet and balcony will make miss all this. Abdel waiting me at the lobby and we're heading to the Curepipe. Night along the way to Curepipe was very lovely, the moon and the lighting from the city was really beautiful. Since Curepipe is the highest and coldest town in Mauritius, the view was very awesome.

Good to be back at Curepipe. Abdel's mom, Aunty Rose has cooked Mauritian meal.  A vegetarian soup called "shushu" was really fantastic. I dont know how to describe this, but the taste was really awesome. The meal looks like spinach but its not. Its different, and also I've taste "chatney" . Its a coconut in a green colour and its spicy. Abdel family likes spicy but not Abdel. He cant eat spicy otherwise he will sweating like he's running 10km. hihihihi...

Done had dinner with Abdel's family, I was looking at Abdel's dad, Uncle Krim. I was confuse why Uncle Krim who are the one wash the dish and keep all the kitchen clean. It supposed Aunty Rose will be going to do all this instead Uncle Krim.

I'd ask Abdel.

"In Mauritian culture, it is compulsory a man need to wash the dish and keep the kitchen clean?"

Abdel laughing. Immediately he translated into French for his parents, Aunty Rose and Uncle Krim.

"No, its not a Mauritian culture. My dad just won't allowed my mom and whoever in this house touched for the cleaning. He likes do a house cleaning"

Woaaaah. Thats a cute. Very cute Uncle Krim and Aunty Rose family ;)

Now I remember and no wonder Abdel not allowed me to wash my plate after had the meal.

Done dinner, Abdel has shown me his old picture. Somehow I dont think the man his show in the picture is himself. Its totally looks very different. I SWEAR.

Old photo Uncle Krim and Aunty Rose looks very vintage and classic. Aunty Rose was very petite and beautiful women during her old days. Same goes with Uncle Krim, charming and looking good. Perfect couple with 3 kids - Bazir, Abdel & Madiana. Uncle Krim almost 70yrs old meanwhile Aunty Rose is around 60years old . I cant remember the exact age both of them, but for me they look very young and energetic.

I wish I can speak and understand French language at that time. Language barrier is the main to communicate but at least, Abdel is next to me for translate. We had great night time in the house, chit chatting, looking old photos...  as the night getting late, Uncle Krim need to have early rest. Saying good bye and sending my regards to my parents in KL. A bit sad as I forgot to taking picture with him together with Aunty Rose. (Why Erny... Why so many camera but no taking photos?? :'(

Last night with Abdel's family in Curepipe feels like very short for me. Clock tick tocking and its time for leaving. Deep inside in my heart I dont want to leave.. Its really hard. My face express it very well.. huhuhu.. Aunty Rose come along too to send me at the airport. She always keep asking me, when I can coming back :) Hugging Aunty Rose for the last time and see Abdel's face. To be honest, I hate this part. Airport always gives a sincere smile and tears. I'm not going to cry but my face tells everything. Hahaha.. sorry.. I dont know how to lie. Thats my drawback :P

The airport recalls my first day in Mauritius. How the time flies. So fast. I cant believe I did this. I cant believe met Abdel, be in Mauritius, sightseeing and traveling alone and felt just like home, Malaysia.

Coming back in Mauritius? Yes, definitely my second home ;)

p/s : Saya rindu Abdel Krim 

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