Sunday, 23 July 2017

Donggyu Hyun

By Donggyu Hyun


Remember my recent trip, I mean my birthday trip?  Yes, that one. 
The one that I went to South Korea. 
And did I told the story that a stranger who took my photo at Bukchon Hanok Village?


Donggyu Hyun

Yup, you did not read wrongly. Its his name, Donggyu Hyun. Since I'm back from Korea, we communicate via WeChat apps. A day after I'm home, we talked like we known each other. 

Its kinda cute. 

Why I said so? Because Donggyu write in English. 
I aware that he dont speaks very well, but the effort shown his color. 
He's very talkative, he do talk everything about his life, family and his hobby which is photography. 

Until one fine morning on Friday, he texting that he did confirmed come to KL on the following week, 2nd June 2017. Its gonna be 4days 3night in KL. 

Yes, he will in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia after I last met him on 7th May 2017. 
Effort counts. 

I managed to find good hotel around in city centre. On the day, I fetch Donggyu in KLiA2. Since the next day is Saturday, there's no harm to fetch him and send him to the hotel. I almost didnt recognised him as he didnt wear his specs. He looks totally different. 

Done check in to the hotel, we discuss what are going to do for the next day. 
Yup, Donggyu notice that the date he arrived is the fasting month for Muslim. 

Before I leave, Donggyu was so lovely gives me a souvenir from Korea. 
A sunblock and the Korean nail clipper. 

The next day, I come to his room. Ready for the first sightseeing. I was pray that the weather will doing good at all as the previous couple of day, the weather was so gloomy and raining. 

So I did bring him for the first sightseeing in KL Tower. Its was very hot day. Donggyu was bathing with sweats, and lucky I'm bring my handy fan. Besides, Donggyu avoiding himself to take drinks and food just because of I'm fasting.  

I did bring him to Golden Triangle, Pavillion - Bukit Bintang - KLCC. Since he told me his foot was very pain using the sandals, I bring him to the Shoppen shop to bought the comfort shoes. And guess what, he did bought for me too. 1+1 promotion been good bargain, and we have couple shoes look. 

To experiencing breakfasting moment, I bring Donggyu met my friends. We had breakfasting at Putrajaya and in before, we had walked at Bazaar for food hunting. 

I gathered up with my friends, and Donggyu had chance to met my friends. I'm happy since Donggyu had chance to taste other Malaysian food. Besides, Donggyu also went to try perform a prayer with my guy friends! 

Before end up the day, I bring Donggyu in the big roundabout infront of Putra Mosque and we ate ice cream. A cube Malaysian ice cream. The moment was very chill and relax where we saw kids playing a bubble ballon, tasting the middle east dessert , chitchatting and taking a photo. That was very lovely end of the day. 

I'm not sure where shall I bring Donggyu tomorrow besides Batu Caves. 

Since at Batu Caves itself was very plenty of the activty, we fully utilised our day. 

I did bring Donggyu to experience brakfasting with Malaysian Prime Minister. 

Yes, its a free food and we ate in the middle of field , infront of Sultan Ahmad Salahuddin BUilding. 

I just bought Uncle Bob fried chicken and we had a simple picnic just like others.

Not sure what shall we do next, I did bring him along Jalan TAR. Thats the shopping area. 
We also listening a street busker.

Donggyu asked me "why people listening music but their body wasnt move .. arent they not enjoying the music?" LOL,  i also didnt notice that and now I realise.. mihmihmihmih

So before we heading back to the hotel, we bought some food as for supper. 

Donggyu was so happy met his favourite fruits, Mangosteen. 

I leave Donggyu early tonight, as tomorrow I need to work. Today is the last day I met Donggyu

As tomorrow is Donggyu last day in Kuala Lumpur, I did asked if Donggyu completely pack his stuff. 
Also probably he will need help the transportation to go to airport. 

Yup, he need that I do booked Grab car for him under my account.
I wished i can send him along, but I'm tight with my job on that day. 

Donggyu wanted to met me before he proceed to the airport. 
Yes, Donggyu then met me at my office lobby. We met around 20mins , chitchatting and most people notice I'm around him including my boss. Of course, its a lunch hour now. 
I managed to take picture with Donggyu :) 

So it was last day I met Donggyu in Kuala Lumpur.
Sending him to the Grab car was really broke my heart. 
I wish I can followed him to Jogjakarta.

Spending 4D/3N with Donggyu was really fast and enjoyable. 
I couldn't imagine this friendship turn into relationship.

너를 사랑해, 남자 친야.

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