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Hadiah Hari Jadi Untuk Diri Sendiri - South Korea!

When I was kid, I really like to celebrate my birthday. Only this day, I can received all gift from my parents and friends. Birthday is the day I add number to my age and I'm proud with it (errr.. not now, i felt so old T__T hhahhaha)

So, why I choose South Korea for my first ever birthday trip?
TBH, I have no idea for this. I was hesitate to choose in between Korea and Japan  when i decided bought the airlines tickets. Besides, I'm not a big fan for K-POP, K-Drama, Runningman show , I'm not a food hunter and more!

Since I'm April Baby, I was thinking to experience Spring season.

"A Spring Season? But... Why Spring season in Korea, not other places? 😕 "

Japan is one of my list, but I wanted to go Japan during Hallowen festival on October. So I skip this place for my birthday trip.

Amsterdam? Yeah, I heard Amsterdam was really nice with beautiful tulips. But when I'm calculating the cost from the day I bought the ticket, I dont think I will have enough fund for my birthday trip. Besides, its will be wasted if I'm going to Europe only for Amsterdam. I shall go for Eurotrip , cover all Europe country.

So here you go, Seoul, South Korea 
As this is my birthday trip, I'm not going to travel as backpacker. I will spoil myself with unlimited for my birthday trip. Moreover, South Korea is safe country to travel alone for girl.

..Because I love flowers. I want to see flower and smell fresh flower. I want to give myself happy with the  flowers, as I know I will not get any flower from anybody.. LOLOLOL 😝

Oh yeah, I bought my ticket about a year ago, so if I wanted to make any amendments, either I burned the tickets or re-purchase from the Air company. Thats the risks occur when you're planning your life more in advance. HEHHEHE

When I read travel group in the Facebook, Korea Tourism Orgz has distribute coupon book for those who are traveling in Korea. The booklet was full with discount coupon where its possible for me experiencing everything in South Korea. Thats amazing! I knew it that I had made a good decision for my birthday trip. Hehehehe
The booklet was really helpful and make my trip more in save.

From Korea Tourism Organisation, I learn the place named "Busan". Oh , well I had watched "Train to Busan" with my friends last year. From that information and the booklet, I started googling the place named Busan.


BUSAN was really Awesome Place. I should go there. There's a beach and the sunset. 



So my Birthday Trip will be Busan and South Korea ;)

On the day - 29th April 2017

Mama and Daddy has sent me to the KLiA2 airport at 2000pm. There's no rush, where I managed to arrived in time. Moreover, my flights at 0100am - 30th April 2017.

I'm in South Korea :)

I arrived early in the morning at Incheon Airport, South Korea. 


I still remember when I told to mama that I'll be going to South Korea.

"Ehh.. biar betul? Cakap bahasa diaorang pun tak tahu, macam mana nak travel tu? Sejak bila suka nak pergi Korea. Tak pernah pun mama nampak suka Korea?

Habis tu, ni pergi dengan siapa? 

Seorang je Ma ;)

*Mama tepuk dahi*

Yes,  I went there alone. I celebrate my special day with my own.

Yes of course. Who's not scared when you travel alone, girl, and you do not speak their language.
How am facing the problem if suddenly happened? To whom shall I talk and ask help

Yes, I went alone but I gonna met my new friend from Moscow, Russia. This is first time I met her after less a month contacting her in the WhatsApp.

We met at the Incheon Aiport. Diana Sadykova.

So from Incheon Aiport, we straight away travel to Busan on the same day by KTX Train. As mention earlier, I've got discount 30% purchasing this ticket. Good bargain and this is my first time riding bullet train. Wahooooo..this is awesomee

Heading to Busan by KTX

Busan, South Korea

So, successfully arrived in Busan with bullet train by KTX. It took only 2hour 45min with this speed 300km/h . Cool huh, i can charged my iPhone , my power bank and also i contacting my family in Malaysia with their free Wifi.

Busan station was not too huge, still its a heart of the transportation hub for Busan prefecture. Looking at my map in my hand, I'm lil bit confused where shall i be heading to my hotel. Finally, we managed to check in our hotel. Opps its not a hotel anyway, but it was a guesthouse. Good bargain where when i booked in , they give a special discount deal including Wifi+Breakfast . Besides, it in the city centre and very closed with the train station and the attractions.

With the leftover days, we went out to the short sightseeing in Busan town. The city known as a Dynamic Busan triggers me to come the beautiful city with my own eyes. Trust i did a good decision for my birthday trip. I'm heading to the Songdo Beach to see my sunset view. Along the way, i see alot of attraction and nice korean building.

The attraction is only took by walk distance such as 40 Gyedan Culture Theme Street.

We went to Yongdusan Park. Its very windy on that evening, and the places still full with tourist. According to Google website, this place was very nice to see in blooming spring. From this point of hill, we managed to see quarter half  of Busan city. There have a big garden clock and also the tower, but since we arrive pretty late, the counter ticket already close.

We heading to Jagalchi Market but we need to pass by with Nampo-Dong street. That was very happening on that place. Full with people and street busker make a performance. Cool places on that Sunday evening. I walked around at famous market, Jagalchi Market. From there I managed to see their famous octopus. That is the big octopus that i seen in my life. Whoaaaaaa.. am so excited and I'm sending the picture to my family straight away. Also, i seen a weird ocean life that actually i dont know their name. Hurmm.. but i managed to captured their picture.

We walked until we find the beautiful Songdo Beach. I'm lucky where there I can still find my sunset. The view in Songdo Beach was lovely and beautiful. The surrounding beach was so romantic and there is history about Songdo Beach.

Along way my back to my guesthouse, I felt so hungry. Yup, its dinner time! Besides I dont have proper meal since I arrived in Korea this morning. So I stopped in Nampo-Dong area where I saw alot of street food and fashion street there. Well, my first Korean meal is Fish Stick and also Korean Pancake. It was sooo delicious. I did ask to the seller, how to eat this meal. She's happy to teach how to eat. Also, she have big heart to give me a try the spicy korean rice cake. TBH, yes its spicy for my tongue. Okay, perhaps can try next time because my street food dinner was very alot to eat. Done eating this, I'm walked home happily. I wanted to have shopping, but every shops looks wanted to closed. So, its okay for me since I think I'm bit tired because I'm traveled quite far. I shall give myself rest for the next session tomorrow.

I woke up early. Yas, I forced my body clock to followed Korean time. Why? Even though the timezone different is only 1hour, Korean day light are more early than Malaysia. Jetlag? No no.., i didnt feel the jetlag but I feel bit tired since mybody dont have enough rest from the wedding event in KL.

Our guesthouse provide free breakfast but its a self service. They give a cereal, bread, egg, milk, coffee. Basic breakfast but it good enough as a kick start and gives a energy for a day. The breakfast start at 0830am - 1000am. The kitchen was very small and we need to squeeze with others. Besides we have time to mingle around with other guests.

Today, we went to Oryukdo Skywalk. Initial plan, we go by train and take the bus. However, after asking around with other local, they told just take a bus #27 and able to reached that place. Oh yes, the T-Money that we bought in Seoul can be used in that bus too! So convenience and cheap.. :)

That place was sooooooo beautiful and windy. I'm soo happy. From far, I managed to see Gwangalli Bridge. I tracked along Igidae Skywalk was soo beautiful . I cant remember how many times that I stopped just because of to take the picture. I have no rush, so i take my own sweet time to enjoy every second and moment of the beautiful view. Yes, this is what I want. I'm happy girl.

End of the road, I decided to go to Gwangalli Beach. It was a beautiful street and bridge. It was very cold that evening ,so we decided to have coffee break at Toms and Toms and waiting Diana's friend for dinner. Night view in Gwangalli Beach and Bridge was soo beautiful .The colouful light makes the night was happening.

We had dinner in Gwangalli Beach area, its a seafood. Diana was concerned about my dietary because of the religion, so we decided to go seafood with a korean style. Oh yes,  the hot food was really awesome and delicious. Its still early and so we decided go to another attraction in Busan, Hwangnyeongsan Mountain. The view was fantastic at night. We can see the whole Busan city with the light. Oh ya, since its a mountain, its kind a very cold because I'm wearing skirt. Yes, skirt. Skirt.........

Its kinda late and none of the cab in that mountain. Korean also have same service like Uber but the apps is in Korean language. So , Diana's friend ask around people in car to send us nearby train. I am so surprised because Korean help each other. Unlike in Malaysia, I dont think it will be happen. We are so thankful to this couple helping us out, otherwise we couldnt manage to get our hotel before the train close.

Energetic day continued with having another sightseeing at Gamcheon Cultural Village. It was really awesome to see a colourful home. Checklist done as I did play some sort called amazing race in Gamcheon Village. This place also called as Korean Santorini  :)

Done with these activity, we are heading to food hunting and shopping. We went to BIFF square.  And yes, I did try the authentic korean snack called Ssiat Hotteok.  I am soo excited when I managed to see this food. HAHAHAHA.. dream come true. The snack was so delicious. Unlike Diana, she have another food in her hand, spiral potatoes. LOL. Banyak betul perempuan ni makan, badan je kurus ramping.

We start shopping after done eating. Well spent day with sightseeing, eating and shopping!! Until we reached our guesthouse, we suddenly felt hungry. So the kitchen still open, I cooked my instant noodle that i bring from Malaysia. giving another to Diana for her to try. And when we almost finished our meal, I saw a couple eating big fat strawberry. I did asked where did they bought because I saw along my walk to Gamcheon earlier this morning. The strawberry only cost USD4 and its cheap!! Oh my god, i feel so envy but this kind couple give me try this food because it was plenty for two. We had chit chatting and yes, this couple from Taiwan was had similar activity like us today. What a small world.. hehehe.. The cons that I didnt like about this guesthouse is about the kitchen rule. We can't stay at kitchen until 11pm, and we are advise to get in room. What.. ? Thats very strict ...

So before I went to the bed, I try everything that I bought earlier. Girls feeling be like...

Its packing day! Last day in Busan and nothing much we do early in the morning. We just walked in to bought the ticket at Busan Station. By 12noon, our train will depart and heading to Seoul city back. And oh ya, this time around, we used another bullet train services which is called Super Rapid Train (SRT). This train just launch their services back in Dec 2016 and its still new. Besides, the fare was cheap than KTX and their officer was sooo cute too (LOL, never cross in my mind about this hehehehe).

Arrived in Seoul city which the stops at Suseo station. From Suseo station its not too far from us to go to Hongdae area. I did choose Hongdae because this area was soo happening with the nightlife and university student. And our guesthouse is soo cute with their offer, they did give us bicycle ! Wahooo good bargain !

We arrived and we start our activity with cycling at Hangang River. Did you know the feeling when all your dream for the birthday celebration come true? Thats how I feel. And I seen Korea leftover spring with a beautiful sunset at Hangang Park. Cycling at the evening with no worries as the park was very safe.

I seen the purple sky , that was a beautiful night in my life. Places in Korea was soo beautiful and romantic, but am here alone. LOL... I had cycling around Hangang Park till late night. Eating dinner nearby the park and feel like a korean enough. Hehehe..
Safety first in my mind, I did asked Diana to back. We stopped at Hongdae area and we had fun listening busking. We did play the game and I'm not drink so we not going to enter the club. And around 3am (if am not mistaken), we reached guesthouse safely. Thats very fully utilised day for my trip

Woke up late for the next day, our initial plan is going to Nami Island. But the owner of the guesthouse advise not to go today as its pretty late for us. So we changed our plan and heads up to the city centre. We went to the historical places in the city.

Deoksugung Palace. Korean country full with history and they do care for the next generation. Proudly presented to the tourist how Korean country looks like. I'm so happy when my timing is perfect to seen Changing ceremony guard at that time. Also had chance to take apicture with a KOrean guard. Ahmazinggggggggggg....

Proceed to the next sighteeing, we went to Gyeongbokgung and Buckhon Hanok Village. Its pretty evening and I dont feel hungry at all. Diana wanted to taste Bingsoo, so we had stopped and break. Today I managed to taste Korean famous Banana Milk. Not my taste but the drink enough to give me energy. I wanted to try beautiful Hanbok, but when read the terms and conditions, the times not permits and i felt wasted. Left 20mins before the shops closing, not enough for me to feel as Korean girl.

Bukchon village was very beautiful. Same like I seen in the Google image photo. When I'm trying to take my own photo, there's suddenly one guy offer a help to take my photo. I dont want asked Diana to take my photo, because all photo taken by her was very bad. Not sure she dont know how to take the photo or purposely do that. Id rather to take selfie and set up by my own .

So this guy helping taking my photo and he did asked permission to take my photo using his camera. Its kind of weird but I'm okay. We changed our email address and he was thought that I'm French and I was thought he's Japanese tourist. Well, he is Korean, local guy.

Since we had no chance to try out the Hanbok, we did try to drink Korean tea at Bukchon Village. The teahouse was very cute and authentic. I had chance to feel another Korean again but in a different way. The experience is the essence. Its still early, so we went to the Cheonggyecheon , the famous river in the city. Woahhh , ive told the Korean city is very romantic places. I swear, its kinda boring if you come alone. T_T.

We had our dinner at Dongdaemun area. I dont have energy anymore and I had my own Ramyeon . Its super spicy , lucky my tummy can accept as the whole day I didnt eat. Homaiiiii.... After discuss, we plan to go Nami Island for the next day. So before the train discontinued, we need to go home and rest for the next day.

Heading to Nami Island which took almost 2hour. That was very long journey and challenged at all. Nami Island is the worst decision that I made. The places was in my list because I heard its very beautiful and its an Island. Lol, at point we arrived, its already 0200pm. There's another 2 sightseeing the busses around the area will be closed by 0700pm. So we only have sightseeing in Nami Island. Sighhh....sigh... sighhhh

I'm heading guesthouse with unhappy feeling. But, the Lotte ice cream that I bought recovered the feels. I shall went to shopping at Hongdae, but its already 1000pm, and I feel scared. So ice cream is the best.

Shopping time! Yes, today we went to Ewha University area which offer plenty of shopping. I did alottttttt good stufff and I went to Myeongdong too, the famous shopping street for girllssss. Not so many picture but today was really cold and windy. I had awesome street food and snack and also the cosmetic that I bought. So many free mask that I get from all the shops. Ahmazinggggggg.... I spent well todayy :)

Its time for me to pre-packing my luggage. Alot of stuff so that not exceeded the weight, otherwise I need to pay the penalties.  Before went to the bed, I checking my email if my flight have got delayed. But surprising is, I received strange email in my inbox.

 Korean Picture ~ Bonjour 
Donggyu Hyun

OMG. This is the guy who took my photo at Bukchon Hanok Village. And he really thought that I'm French girl. I look the picture file and the most photo that I really love is the candid. I just fall in love with this. From out of nowhere this guy keep following me? Quickly I open my video or picture that I took at Bukchon. Yes, thats the guy and he was behind me. Looking with the rest of photo really makes me happy :)
I replied his email and from that I knew his name is Donggyu Hyun.

All luggage completely packed and am having my last breakfast in Korea very well. Since my flight is in evening, I had my last chance to have sightseeing before heading to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was decided go to Namsan Tower, however, according to my guesthouse owner, the place was far and will be crowded as its Sunday. So i changed my planned went to Dongdaemun where its a Historical places and shopping area.

Suddenly, i got beep from Wechat apps. Donggyu Hyun send a friend request. Thats ahmazingggg... I've told that today was my last day and I wanted to go to Dongdaemun. We agree to meet again in Dongdaemun or to be short as DDP. Arrived at DDP, I'm looking around the arts around the area. I wanted to enter the museum however, the time not permits at all. Waiting Donggyu Hyun almost 30mins, he finally arrived. Its kinda cute of gratitude to show that he's late, he did bring up cold coffee for me. We had a little walk and taking a picture around the DDP area. Donggyu not fluently speaks English but I still can understand him. He did used a google translate just to communicate with me. Before I forgot his face, I did asked to take selfie photo at DDP. Well, that's our first photo under the windy and sunny day :)

Donggyu offers his help to get all my stuff at Hongdae and sent me to the station , heading to the airport. We had quick chatting, he told that he wanted to come to Malaysia. Asking if I'm around during weekend and I said yes, I'm around. He helped me carrying my big luggage and in return, to show my gratitude, I'm giving away my Malaysian noodle for him. Short and quick relationship bonding just created with a one picture.

At Hongik University station, that was the last I spoke with Korean people that I called friend. Donggyu heads up to Seoul Station meanwhile am heading to the airport to catch my flight. Perfect day where I arrived at airport ontime and I managed get try free Hanbok at airport. Just in time and nice. Bye Korea, you gives me good memory and beautiful present for my life.

Overall, I had good birthday trip in South Korea. Everything that I dreamt, come true. Eventhough at first place, I wanted to cancelled this trip.

P/s: Thank you Daddy makes my birthday trip beautiful in my life..  I love you <3

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