Sunday, 11 February 2018

I'll make you warm..

When hot summer its over, its time to feel cold again - Autumn Season

Autumn for Asian girl slightly can be too cold if not used with the weather

Asian girl would like to have experience for Autumn in Japan after Spring in Korea

End of Autumn can be pretty cold and beautiful as its the beginning for winter

When Oppa told you,

"You do not buy winter clothes, only you believe me.
I'll keep you from getting cold"--> Told oppa via FB Messenger

That really heals my worries soul towards weather for Japan trip in mid Nov 2017 

Deep inside of my heart, I was a lucky girl to have this man in my life

But.. this conversation was in July 2017 , 4 months before flew to Japan as per plan with Oppa

There's a cold response in August 2017 ,  no response in September and been blocked all SNS in end of October 2017

Dong Kyu Hyun aka Donggyu Hyun

What did I do wrong??
It was very struggling to find out that finally need to travel alone without Oppa less in 4weeks. Less time and less preparation

Been left without words, that's really hurt.

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