Wednesday, 16 May 2018

I give myself birthday trip to Maldives !

Its my birthdayyy :)

This year I'm choosing an island trip for my birthday gift. I wanted to give myself watching my favourite sunset everyday and playing with the unlimited  salty water everyday. As last year I'm giving myself spring season (I  never get flower from anyone, so I'm giving spring season to myself) as my birthday trip, so this year i wanted to have some relaxing and chillax for myself.

Why Maldives?

Maldives is one of my dream list to travel for the nice beaches. The colors of the Indian Ocean really catch my attention and heart. This is what I want. Playing with the salty water, with the white sand with watching the sunrise and the sunset everyday, hearing the breezy waves, playing swings with enjoying an ice cream, wearing nice clothes everyday , taking a lot of  photos and more! This is really for myself.. :) 

There's a lot of island to choose in Maldives. I swear I'm too tempted with every island in Maldives with affordable price. They are too beautiful until I end my research at Mahibadhoo, Maale, Maldives.

Why Mahibadhoo, Maale, Maldives? 

Mahibadhoo also known as in (Dhivehi: މަހިބަދޫ) is the capital of Alif Dhall Atoll. 

Mahibadhoo  is a capital island of Alif Dhall Atoll. Located in South West of Male, the size of island is 1.5 miles in length and 0.75 miles in width. As the capital island, Mahibadhoo have the important places for the community which includes Secretariat building, Atoll Council, Atoll house, Atoll Hospital, Atoll Education Centre, Police Station, Social Centre, Bank of Maldives, Traditional Mosque and football ground. It took only 1hr 30minutes by a speedboat from Male city to the Mahibadhoo island. 

I'm travelling alone for my trip this time, and I always set my safety as my first priority. This small island have almost infrastructure in a big city. This can gives me an opportunity and approach to understand the culture for Maldivian people. Its a BONUS for me.. yayyy

Why Liberty Guesthouse Maldives?

This is the best of the best among other guesthouse I've searched in Mahibadhoo. They have arrange my speedboat trip from Male to Mahibadhoo Island (I likeeee this,it is sooo easy and less hassle for me. No need to buy the tickets and just ride!). Return speed boat transfer only cost USD70 for MALE-MAHIBADHOO-MALE. The speedboat will depart and arrive in front of Bank of Ceylon. The landmark was pretty easy to find as I'm arrive from VELANA airport to MALE. Enzo, person in charge who are  assisting my arrivals was so helpful and responsible. 

I feel sooooooo welcoming when I first arrived at the jetty as most of the crew was at the jetty at that time ;). Oh not to forget, they served welcoming drink too. Cold fresh orange juice to freshen up my long journey from Male City to Mahibadhoo Island. 

They offers 6rooms for the guests and I like the idea where I can have my own private time at this place with tranquility. Their location are very strategic where the guesthouse are just in front of the beaches. Just open up the door and you may see the sunrise from the room. Talking about the food, they offers authentic local food for in house restaurant which called Highlander Cuisine

Coming during low season and the weather looks envy with you ? You might have reading in-house books or games in front of the beaches. Or perhaps trying to learning a stand up paddling or canoeing. Or too lazy too and love to do nothing? Yes, just order from the Highlander Cuisine a cold fresh juice of orange and sipping with relaxing and swinging until you sleep  :)

The price for excursion are not pricey (I SWEAR). Its kind of cheap if you come more than 4 people in a one group. Just name it and you can have it (subject terms and conditions) . Calling to all divers around the world, Liberty Guesthouse are the best place for you to gathered up and mingle around with other divers. Besides the owner , ZALA are certified instructor diver with 25years expereience and speaks multilingual language fluently in French, German, English and Spanish.  

The crew for Liberty Guesthouse was very kind & helpful and ohhhhh.... not too forget to mention about this... Yup, they're handsome and cute too. Hihihihihi... Looks good right? ;P

Info for Liberty Guesthouse : 

To booked and read the reviews from other traveler: 

To contact person in charge via WhatsApp :
Farhaan Enzo - +960 7329228, 7772984

How about Currency? 

Bear in mind that Maldivian people are practicing using two currency in their business, USD and MVR, Maldivian Rufiya. I'm MYR holder, so I already exchange my MYR to USD when in Malaysia. MYR not too strong when I bought the USD in KL, so the exchange was 1USD=MYR3.93. There's no MVR sells in exchange shops in KL, so I just bought my MVR at Western Union when arrive in Maldives. 

How's Maldivian food? 

I had a chance to taste authentic local Maldivian food. The food more on flour based , seafood and curries. As the location are nearer with the Sri Lanka and India, the cuisine are slightly similar with the neighbourhood country. Most of their food are imported from the ASEAN country such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and India. Maldives is a  Moslem country, so all the food are HALAL to eat without hesitate. Well, I'm lucky as I had chance to taste their local food . The in-house chef was very kind and helpful to suggested when I'm kind of blurred to choose what to eat. Blessed :)

How's the internet and telecommunication network?

Eventhough the guesthouse have offer in-house and in-room WIFI, I still need Maldivian simcard as this is major medium of communication for single traveler. It's important to helps me keeps connect with my family in Malaysia and also keep me in radar with Liberty Guesthouse Crew. Even Maldives is an Island and have plenty with Island, I'm impressed with their network coverage. 

Major telecommunication service provider are Ooredoo and Dhiraagu. I'm choosing Ooredoo with the price USD22(includes VAT). The package whereas comes in 17GB for 8days and its 4G speed and no regrets with choosing this telco services. 

How I enjoy my birthday trip ? 

I was consider lucky during my birthday trip, I'm THE ONE AND ONLY GUEST at the Liberty Guesthouse. Everything is MINE.. hahahaha.. Nicee! Feel like a princess and this is REALLY FOR MY BIRTHDAY GIFT :) Weeeeeee.... 

May month is consider low season for Maldivian. Which means, the weather not too sunny , cloudy and will have some raining. 

I really enjoy and had fun with my birthday trip. I went to visit local island at Omadhoo, watching sunset until getting dark, chit-chatting with Maldivian kids and people, nightwalk with no fears in town for girls, playing Stand Up Paddling, learning how to Canoeing, Snorkeling with Maldivian fish and Chasing Manta Ray! Not to forget I really like to catch and chase little tiny crab as they have a bunch of army at the white sand. They are soo cute and fun to chase. Well, in KL i only seen DEAD CRAB at the wet market, or CRABSTICK :P hahahaha..

I really like ride swing next to the beach and pick the flowers to put at my hair. I enjoy the breezy and  windy air in Maldives. I like eating an ice cream and watch local people walk and play with their kids every evening. 

I had no watch my favourite Korean and Japanese drama every night like I did in Malaysia. The in-room TV need to subscribe and additional charge, but its okay for me. Fly far away from Kuala Lumpur, wasn't make me stranded in a room even though I'm alone. 

Why? Because STARGAZING and FULLMOON in Mahibadhoo was sooooo muchhhh beautifulllllll and unforgettable. I'm sooo lucky to have a chance for the first time this beautiful sky in Maldives, like in a dream.I'd really feel like I'm in paradiseeeeeee. This happiness feeling really can't be describe. The feel are priceless... Happiness to the MAX!

Not to forget I can see minnie tiny Mr Plankton for the first time. I SWEAR its beautiful with the colors in the dark, too bad can't share here as I'm just using normal compact camera by NIKON AW130 :(

Was Maldives expensive to travel?

Yes. Every business transaction in Maldives will required to pay including VAT. Some of the other Maldives is an island and most of the sources of food are import from nearby country. Male city is the hub for the main economic for Maldivian people. All the sources will come from Male city and the sources of the food will distribute to all island in Maldives. The distance issue from the main hub and the boat schedule are one of the main reason why all foods and beverages in Maldives island are expensive. Its relevant and reasonable price for tourist when you understand behind the struggle to survive in island. 

Maldives have hundreds of Island to discover and visit. Each of the Island connected which is speedboat are the main logistic. If the distance of the Island from the Male city or the airport are very far, the prices for the transportation are very high. There's two type to connected with the island, Seaplane and Speedboat. Of course, Seaplane are very expensive, but hey if you have budget why not? Besides, once in a life do something that you never did before.

Maldives is an island, truly paradise.
Place to relax with full of peace mind.
That's worth to paid for every penny you spend.

I wish I will have better life with happiness with beloved family, better luck in life, get my dream job with having own business by this year, full and rich with money and time, travel unlimited around the world as a permanent job, eating good and delicious food with family and friends, speaks French my third language fluently, creating new bucket list to feel alive and  have soulmate to share my dream and story everyday. I want dancing or salsa every night with him after dinner.


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