Monday, 31 December 2018

Happy New Year 2019

In Chinese, "8" consider as a luck number. So when I entered this 2018,
I was told myself... 

                                                "I'M READY!"

The truth is, I faced so many challenges beyond what I imagine. 
From life, personal, career, family and friends.
Life is always "Upside Down" 

So 2018 is my DOWN. Its okay to accept that you went for the horrible stage in your life. Allow yourself to cry and trust that good thing will happen one fine. Don't deny the bad thing happen in life as this will lead to the sweetest memory in future. In this situation, I learned alot of things.

                                   YEAP. HAHAHHAHA! 

I humbly accept this, because I know I will not gonna be stronger as I stand today. It was a pretty rough year, but hey..  I proudly to say... 

                                                "I MADE IT!"

2018 will be ending soon, can't wait to create new pages with 12 chapters in 2019 soon. 

Thank you 2018, next... 

Game On 2019!!!

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