Friday, 14 December 2018

Not a Pals Member Yet? Sign up now with Sunway Pals!!

I love Shopping Mall. In KL, there's a lot of shopping mall for local and tourist to discover and enjoy. Shopping Mall is for the best playground for hangout with friends and other indoor activity. Besides, Malaysia was too outside to spent more at the outside :)

So yesterday, I sent my Mama to work as Daddy got an appointment with his dentist. But at the same time, I have to go to Machines in Suria KLCC to fix my iphone problem. Suria KLCC located in the golden triangle and yeahhh.. of course the parking rates will be freakkking expensive like a hell. Ermm.. just to let you know that I'm so calculative for parking rates especially in KL (read:stingy) 

Since my Mama office quite nearby with Sunway Velocity Mall, so I decided to park my car there and ride a MRT to the Suria KLCC. I consider I'm smart enough in cutting the expenses cost! Hahahaha.. you need to be smart girl to survive. 

As a morning person, I can't live without having a breakfast. Breakfast is a must for me to start my day. So before heading to the MRT Maluri station, I decided to stop by at my favorite convenience store, Family Mart. Done with my quick breakfast shopping, the big banner next to the Family Mart really stole my attention. 


FREE for 1st 5hour for Weekday

FREE for 1st 4hour for PH, Eve & Weekend

Free Sign Up with Sunway Pals!

I'm typical Malaysian who really can't see word "FREE". Who's in the world doesn't love FREE? I bet you love too... mihmihmihmih

So the word "FREE" triggered me to walk into the Sunway Pals Counter. The person in-charge explain to me in order to get this perks. I need to Sign Up with Sunway Pals and then I will get this FREE. Hey, this Sign Up with Sunway Pals also FREE! ;) 

Successfully Sign Up with Sunway Pals! Receive the voucher to pay at the Auto Pay Station!

The promotion for FREE Sign Up with Sunway Pals at Sunway Velocity Mall starting from : 

24th September 2018 - 31st January 2019


Find out more at Sunway Pals Counter (Lot1.21) in Sunway Velocity Mall. The counter landmark is next to convenience Family Mart store. 

*Not applicable for Touch n' Go, season parking. Promotion is only valid on the same day of Pals Member registration. Backdated parking redemption is not allowed. Other T&C's apply. 

What other perks after Sign Up with Sunway Pals?

There are so many benefits for Sunway Pals such as Theme Park, Hospitality, Parking, Healthcare, Property, Education, and Mall! As a consumer, this is amazing right??

Check this out at this link for more info Sunway Pals - Benefits

If you would like to Sign Up Sunway Pals through online, you can do it so. 
Go to their website Sign Up with Sunway Pals
Use code VMCX and you will get 300points in your account!  

The Sunway Pals pamphlet giving out the list of benefits after you Sign Up! 

Hurry Up before its too late!!

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