Tuesday, 15 January 2019

OISO Korean Traditional & Cuisine

I'm craving having these two meal... either Japanese or Korean. Its been awhile not eaten spicy Korean that I had at my favourite restaurant in Intermark. MMmmm.. really missing their "Toppoki" or Spicy Rice Cake.

I was at Bukit Bintang , Kuala Lumpur meet up people for some project. And at the same time I received message from my ex-schoolmate. She wanna meet me for the project on this Friday. So I'm thinking this is good opportunity, its been awhile not catch up with this girl. And yes, now I have friend to accompany my craving for Korean foods.. Hihihi.. 

So here I go to The Curve. Riding with MRT from Pavilion Bukit Bintang and my end station at MRT Station Mutiara Damansara. Cheap , I hanya bayar tambang RM3.30 sehala je. Tak payah redah jem, tak payah fikir petrol, dengan tol dan parking lagi.. So, MRT adalah pilihan yang tepat.. hihihi

Since I awal sebab MRT, I tunggu kawan I dekat Starbucks. Landmark yang paling senang untuk dia cari I. Hihihihi..  
Rasa macam awal pulak nak dinner pukul 6petang. So , kitaorang decide minum2 kopi dulu lepak2 and discuss pasal kerja. The caffein that I took without sugar really awakes me. Seharian penat gila kehulu kehilir. Penat juga ye cari rezeki kat luar ni. Dulu I ingat, kerja luar ni tak penat, more enjoy... hahahaha...

So our dinner time hits up.. I cakap dengan kawan I, I nak makan Korean. So we google up the The Curve directory Korean shop or food kat sini. Nahhh... So , I found it! OISO Korean Traditional & Cuisine.. The rating that I read not so bad.. 4star and the review is quite good. Yang penting Korean Food kat OISO ni   So hey guys.. we can eat it!! 

Moment we enter the restaurant, the ambiance was too chill and relax.. Thats makes us feel like home. The concept are really welcoming and hearty home. We decided to dine outside because there's nobody hahahaha....
The waiter also so nice and polite. I'm very impressed with their attitude. Because this is our first time having meal in this restaurant, we don't know which one to choose. We taking so long to choose what to eat (boysss.. please expect this from your girlss.. hahahahah). I called person in charged what are the best in house menu. So there's a few signature that looks very tempting. 

I've told her that I want something soup, spicy and no rice. So she highly recommends me "Spicy Chicken Noodle". There will be option for who don't like chicken, you also may choose "BEEF". This set comes with "Banchan" or "Side Dish" . There will be 3 main side dish.. "Kimchi", "Spinach" and "Anchovies". For drinks, I choose Hot Korean Barley Tea.. Both food and drinks are really new try for me.. 

Oh did I mention that the "Banchan" and the drinks are FREE UNLIMITED REFILL? 

Look at the portion. I feel like this huge bowl can be eat with 10peoples meh..

I punya food banyak gila.  The moment waiter tu letak je food depan mata, mata I rasa berpinar-pinar. OMG.. that's alottt wehhh... Friends who know me, will be that I won't finish this.. hahahaha.. Rasa membazir pulak...adoiiii...Nak tangkap gambar pun penuh screen dengan dia punya bowl jerr.. tu belum masuk lagi "Banchan" dia... hahahhahah

I like the taste of this soup. Combine with the chicken and all the vegetables like raddish, mushroom and I don't know what esle.. I feel the combination was really good. Kalau you ada selsema ke, pilih menu ni. Confirm selsema hilang dalam masa 5min hahhaha.. Rasa soup dia bukan rasa kimchi.. Dan bukan juga rasa asam pedas melaka atau kuah pindang... dan I juga pasti 100% dia bukan juga rasa kuah sambal ayam atau tomyam... 
This is different.. totally different.. I tak tahu explain, tapi nak lebih accurate.. better you go try and taste it by your own.. mmmmmm... dappppnyeeerrr

The menu.
This is what my friend choose for her dinner. Not too pricey as this is comes in set. (drink separately) 

The ambiance. This is from view inside the restaurant.
Look how cosy, relax and chill for me to have Korean Food

Taking one for memories in front of

Another side good for Instagram and Facebook uploads.. hihihi #saranghae


Price: Not pricey. Standard price for cafe and restaurant. Approximate starts from RM10++
Food: Huge portion. You can see my picture and I won't lie. If you're don't eat much, you are advised to share with your friends. 
Services: Fast and friendly. Don't hesitate to communicate with the waiter, they are happy to help you 
Ambience: Nice and chill with Korean vibes. Good hangout for family, friends, dating and also for discussion

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